Get Involved

There are many ways to support FSGW:

Become a member!  Your membership fee helps us fund the events we run and that you attend.

Donations help us defray the cost of events that don't break even, such as the Barn Dance which is free to the public.

We host many events, both participatory and performance based; dances, sings & Jams, concerts, and storytelling.

Volunteer at Annual Events

Volunteer at one of our larger annual events such as #Dance WeekendNew Year's Eve Contra Dance Ball, or The Getaway. You can help with both the planning stage and/or at the event itself. 

Volunteer at Weekly Events

Volunteer at a smaller event such as a concert, dance, sing, or story swap (e.g., taking money at the door, sweeping up after a dance).  Just go to the page for the event you are interested in volunteering for and contact the organizer. 

Join Our Board

Join our board and help make a difference in your local programming! The communication and organizational skills you learn with us are transferrable to your career. 

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