Mid-Winter Festival (Mini-Fest ) 

FSGW’s Mid-Winter Festival is usually held at Takoma Park Middle School on the first Saturday in February.  

Because of concerns about the pandemic, FSGW expects to produce an on-line event in 2021, probably running from noon to 6 pm, featuring many of the performance genres that have traditionally been a feature of this annual event. As we get closer to the February date, we will have more information and schedule specifics.  

Questions?  Send them to minifest@fsgw.org

What happened in 2020

Mini-Fest 2020 was a delightful day full of fabulous music and energetic dance, fascinating storytelling and joyful jamming. FSGW would like to offer special thanks to:

* All of the performers -- solo artists, duos, trios, quartets, quintets and larger groups -- for cheerfully sharing their artistry.

* The programmers – Charlie Baum, April Blum, Kim Forry, Ingrid Gorman, Tim Livengood, Lisa Null, and Jan Scopel. They were responsible for the wonderful range of workshops and performances in the gyms, all of the classrooms and the Cafeteria.

* The sound technicians, whose expertise made the fine music in the Gyms and the Cafeteria clear and crisp: Joel Bluestein, Dan Kahn, Glenn Lehman, and Jamie Platt

* The Takoma Park Middle School staff, especially Tre.

* Crafts coordinator Candy Madigan Larson and the vendors.

* Green Room coordinators Regina Joffe, Fred Stollnitz and Jerry Blum.

* The Takoma Park Subway crew.

* House of Musical Traditions, for coordinating the sale of performer CDs.

* The logistics volunteers who came at 10 am and stayed until 11 pm; and the daytime volunteers who staffed critical areas.

* Steve Tuttle for his wonderful photographs.

What is the Mid-Winter Festival?

FSGW's Mid-Winter Festival is a great way to cure your mid-winter blues.  Come out and play (and sing and dance)!

Usually the first Saturday in February, the Mid-Winter Festival transforms the Takoma Park Middle School into a festival site, with two dance floors, a storytelling room, a jams room, four rooms for intimate concerts and workshops, and the "big stage" in the school cafeteria.  There are crafts for sale and unscheduled hallway shenanigans, frequently involving local Morris teams.

Mark your calendars now for Saturday, February 6, 2021!

Daytime programs run from noon to 6 pm; there's a brief break (6-7:30) for dinner on your own  (the Subway food providers will close at 6:30), then at 7:30 there's both a concert AND a dance and you may participate in both.

Check out schedules from previous years to get an idea of what it is all about: Previous Mid-Winter Festival Schedules

The local (Takoma Park) Subway franchisee will have subs, chips, soft drinks, coffee, and cookies for sale from shortly before noon until 6:30.  And there will also be delicious French pastries for sale.

Our two sets of wonderful volunteers either arrive early and help with set-up and stay to help with load out; or they take 2-hour shifts selling tickets, checking in performers, or staffing the secure instrument check room or the room reserved for performers. Both sets make the event go smoothly. We start scheduling volunteers in November and December.   

Questions (or to volunteer) contact minifest@fsgw.org          

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