If you love good music and good fellowship, you'll love the Getaway! 

Getaway 2020 will be online this year via Zoom (Oct 2nd to Oct 5th)  

The FSGW Getaway, for decades a gathering of friends, old and new, to share music and enjoy fellowship in a secluded setting, this year will go online. We invite you to come and participate; bring your songs and your presence to the table, or in this hopefully unique year, the screen.

Join in sessions celebrating inland waterways, the many ways of dogs, and the great Scots folk revival. Enjoy some comic relief; explore the joys and woes of maturing and growing older, and sing of hope and better times, or social struggle and the songs of working people. Try your hand at a ballad or chantey and rant against pestilence, plague and disease! Put on an Irish air, give us a music hall ditty, or share an Appalachian treasure. Sing that song that gets you weeping or laughing every time.

Listen to short sets from some of our invited guests: Steven Levine, George Ward, Elly Wininger. Ed Miller will be doing a presentation of Scottish border songs. Thomas McCarthy, an Irish Traveller, will hold forth on the songs, history, stories, and tales of his family and his people in a participatory zoom interview.

Learn about two influential New England song collectors, Helen Hartness Flanders and Margaret MacArthur, and explore the work of two West Virginian folklorists, Carrie and Michael Kline. Sit in on a vocal class. Improve your guitar skills. It will all be happening, and a lot more, at this year’s Getaway.

Cost: Free!  

A voluntary donation of $25 is suggested, but any amount accepted! 

Donations will support:

  • The FSGW Getaway scholarship fund which is used to assist people with the cost of attending future Getaways.
  • FSGW's offerings of a wide range of folk events and programs throughout the year.

Donations are made separately from the registration process. You may donate before or after registration using this link: Donate to the Getaway 

You will also find a link for donation in the confirmation email you will receive upon completing registration.

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