FSGW Scholarships to CDSS summer camps

FSGW is making scholarships available for CDSS camps this summer, which will be matched by CDSS.  If you want to attend a CDSS camp this summer and need some financial assistance, contact membership chair Jess Eliot Myhre to apply.  Our application deadline is March 11th 2020, so please move quickly on this.

  • CDSS is the Country Dance & Song Society:  https://www.cdss.org/
  • CDSS is a national umbrella organization for much of what FSGW does.
  • CDSS runs nine different week-long camps during the summer:  https://camp.cdss.org/
    • Six of these camps are at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, MA, and three are elsewhere.
    • One CDSS camp is nearby, at Camp Louise located a bit north of Frederick, MD.

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