The Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW) publishes the FSGW Newsletter monthly. It is available online. Printed copies are mailed to FSGW Members who pay for that additional service. Print copies are also available at FSGW events. It includes a comprehensive monthly calendar and listings of events of interest to FSGW members - concerts, dances, jams, workshops and weekends, and more.

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Guidelines for Submitting Copy for Publication

You may submit copy to be published in the FSGW Newsletter by following these guidelines

All copy must be submitted by the 8th day of the month before publication to Newsletter (at)
e.g., copy must be submitted by February 8 to be included in the March edition.

  • All submissions are subject to space availability.
  • Listings may be submitted more than one month in advance, important for weekends, festivals, and workshops requiring advance registration.
  • Copy will not be accepted over the telephone.
  • Copy should be sent by email to Newsletter (at)
  • Copy should be contained in the body of the email, not in an attachment. Do not send attachments.
  • Please use capital letters, tabs, bold and italics sparingly.
  • Please type telephone numbers using hyphens as separators. Example: 123-456-7890
  • Please include a contact name, telephone number, and email address for publication, if possible, so the editor or Members can get additional information about your event.
  • Edit your copy into the following format:

Alonzo and the A-Listers * George, WA

Friday, October 13 * 10 am- 2:15 pm

ADD here a short title and description (up to 30 words) of event: Summarize what’s unique and interesting about the your act. Include what type of audience it’s intended for or would interest. Add listing in bold type of principal musicians/vocalists, e.g..: Jane Smith (instrument played), etc. Follow up with address of venue, ticket prices, i.e. $15 / adv., $12 / door. Info: First-Last name of contact, 202-555-1212; add website listing without "www", e.g., "".

We get a lot of submissions. Adherence to the guideline maximizes your chances of getting listed.

Contact the Publications Chair if you have questions concerning submitting copy for publication.

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