Washington Spring Ball (English Country Dance)

The Washington Spring Ball is a joyful yearly event of English Country Dancing to glorious music.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  We have a review session the afternoon of the ball, at which most of the dances will be taught.  Attending the practice session is strongly encouraged.  At the ball, all dances will be briefed (talk-through) and then prompted for the first few rounds.  Dancers wear what makes them feel happy and festive; some choose attire from the 18th or 19th century.

The 2020 Annual Washington Spring Ball (34th) will be on Saturday May 9, 2020.  

The afternoon walk-through is a good opportunity to learn dances. It's fun too!

Spring Ball Photos taken by Rachel Winslow

Questions?  Contact the 2020 Ball Chair Anna Rain at ball.chair@fsgw.org, or the 2020 Registrar Bob Hershler at ecd.registrar@fsgw.org.

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