FAQs for Performers

Interested in performing at an FSGW event?  Look through the different types of events (Dances, Concerts, Annual Events) to get an idea  of what kinds of events FSGW hires performers for.  Note that payment for performance varies by type of event. 


If you are an artist or agent interested in concert bookings with FSGW, contact the Program Chair. Generally, we negotiate a flat fee for concerts at public venues and we pay artists 100% of the donations collected at house concerts. While it is sometimes possible to accommodate short-notice requests, note that we often book artists 8-12 months in advance.

If you are interested in hosting a house concert with promotional support from FSGW, please read our house concert guidelines (pdf) and contact the Program Chair.


Contra & Square dances Bands and callers may be booked together or separately. Performers receive a guaranteed minimum or a percentage of ticket sales, if that is more than the guaranteed minimum. Contact the Dance Chair, or the organizer of a particular event you are inquiring about by going to the page for that event and locating the Questions section.

English Country Dances are held at the Glen Echo Town Hall every Wednesday evening from 8 to 10:30 pm. Callers and musicians are usually booked separately, and usually receive a percentage of ticket sales. Contact the English Dance Coordinator.

Story Telling

If you are a story-teller and interested in participating in FSGW events such as the Grapevine or Midwinter Festival, contact the Storytelling Coordinator.

Artisans & Crafters

Unfortunately since FSGW is no longer running either the Mid-Winter Festival or the Washington Folk Festival, so we currently have no opportunities for artisans and crafters.

Annual Events

The Washington Spring Ball is held annually in May. The caller and musicians are usually booked separately. Contact the English Dance Coordinator.

The FSGW Getaway is held annually in late September or early October.  Some guest performers are offered free attendance and room and board. Contact the Getaway Chair

The New Year's Eve Contra Dance Ball usually books a caller and a band separately. Contact the Dance Chair

A Word About Payments to Performers, and W-9s

The Folklore Society of Greater Washington is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. FSGW does not currently receive grant money from any outside organization, but relies on membership fees, ticket sales and investment interest for income. While FSGW strives to pass as much Event income along to performers as possible, FSGW cannot afford to lose money on its dances, programs, concerts and other events and still remain a viable organization. Production costs typically include hall rental, a sound engineer, and refreshments, the costs of which vary widely (depending on the Event type and venue cost).

FSGW needs to have a filled out IRS W-9 form before paying anyone who is in the US tax system, even if the payment amount is below the IRS 1099 reporting threshold. You can mail us your W-9, or upload a scanned or photographed or digitally filled out pdf using our secure upload page:    https://fsgw2.org/w9.php

There is a link on that page to download a pdf of a blank W-9 from the IRS, to fill out. We only need page 1 of the W-9 form (the page you fill out), not all 6 pages. 

When you contact our Event Chairs, please include the following:

  • Your name and the name of your group.
  • A brief description of your performance including,
    • Names of all members of your group and the instrument(s) each one plays.
    • The traditions and musical style(s) you represent, and the extent to which you operate within those traditions, innovate, and/or create your own material.
  • Your contact information -- telephone and e-mail.
  • A list of places you have recently performed, especially in or around Washington, DC.
  • Information about commercial and/or demonstration recordings.
  • Your web site or other internet locations where we can find out more about you or your group.

Event Publicity and Performer Photos

Publicity is a critical aspect of all events. For this reason, we appreciate any help that artists / performers can give to help publicize their event.

Please send publicity info to office@fsgw.org

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