2022 Washington Spring Ball (36th Annual)

The Washington Spring Ball is a joyful yearly event of English Country Dancing to glorious music.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  Dancers wear what makes them feel happy and festive; some choose attire from the 18th or 19th century.

This year's ball is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, May 15th from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the Silver Spring Civic Building, featuring musicians Josh Burdick (violin), Paul Oorts (fretted instruments), and Dave Wiesler (piano).  Our Ball Chairs are Anna Rain and Bob Mathis.

This year we are going to have a relaxed ball because we are all getting used to dancing in person again. The program includes many old favorites, and we will have prompting and walk-throughs as needed during the ball.

The Ball is supported by a generous grant from Montgomery County's Community Access Program.

Photos by Rachel Winslow


  • Great Hall, Silver Spring Civic Building801 Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring, MD.
  • 5,000 square-foot dance floor located in a plaza with hotels, restaurants, and shops. 
  • Free parking on weekends in the public parking garage across Ellsworth Dr, and other nearby garages. 
  • Directions to the Silver Spring Civic Building, including parking information and public transportation


      • Covid precautions: Per FSGW policy (https://www.fsgw.org/FSGW-covid19-response) all participants must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (with at least one booster). Dancers must provide proof of full vaccination with at least one booster (completed at least two weeks before the dance) at the door unless they have previously done so at an in-person Wednesday night ECD in 2022.
      • We are requiring KN95 or N95 masks.  If you can't purchase your own KN95 or N95 mask beforehand, KN95 masks will be available in the dance ($1 each).
      • The Civic Center is a Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Star Accredited facility that was equipped with MERV13 air filters at the beginning of the pandemic.  We may have some doors open to improve ventilation during the event.


Josh Burdick (violin), Paul Oorts (accordion and fretted instruments), and Dave Wiesler (piano)


  • Alice
  • Braes of Dornoch
  • Candles in the Dark
  • Cockle Shells
  • Graphite
  • Hazelfern Place
  • A Jig for Joanna
  • Katharine Street
  • Key to the Cellar
  • Maiden Lane
  • Sapphire Sea
  • Sarah
  • Slaughter House
  • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Trip to Totality
  • The Two Cousins
  • Well Donne
  • Yellow Stockings


2022 Spring Ball Program (music, videos)

Practice Session

The practice session will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2022, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm at Ballroom Blum, 8300 Osage Terrace, Adelphi, MD  20783.  The practice session is free for those registered for the Ball.  Please contact ball.chair@fsgw.org to let us know you’ll attend.

Dance leader:  Anna Rain

Music by Tina Chancey (fiddle) and Liz Donaldson (keyboard)

BALL Details

  • Ball dances will be practiced at our weekly Wednesday Night English Country Dance We plan to have walkthroughs and prompting at the ball as needed.
  • Enhance dancing pleasure for all by becoming familiar with dances before the Ball by attending Wednesday night dances, participating in the pre-ball practice session, and watching the video links on the 2022 Spring Ball Program (music, videos) page.
  • No changing rooms will be available at the Civic Building this year.

Restaurant Tips for finding meals Sunday before and after the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have questions?  Contact Ball Chair Anna Rain at ball.chair@fsgw.org, or Registrar Bob Hershler at ecd.registrar@fsgw.org.



Members of FSGW, BFMS, or CDSS (postmarked by April 28)


Non-members (postmarked by April 28)

$15 Students (members)


Students (non-members)


Members of FSGW, BFMS, or CDSS (postmarked after April 28)


Non-members (postmarked after April 28)


 Register on-line   

To register someone else (spouse or guest) start a new registration and enter the email address and the other requested information for that person. 

 Paper Registration Form (pdf)

To register someone else (spouse or guest),  please print and complete a separate registration for that person (i.e., one piece of paper per person being registered)

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