Logging in

To log in, click on the orange "Log in" button, which is in the upper right corner of the header on every page on the website. You can also go directly to https://www.fsgw.org/Sys/Login to log in.

It depends on whether you are an FSGW member or not.

Members can:

  • View the membership directory
  • Choose what, if any, information to show in the membership directory (the membership directory is only visible to logged-in members)
  • Renew online (you can renew online and then pay by check or credit card)
  • View/pay an invoice online (e.g., payment for an event)
  • View/pay an invoice online (e.g., new or renewing membership, payment for an event)
  • Register for an FSGW event (such as Getaway or Contrastock)
  • Choose which announcements to receive (e.g., notification when the monthly FSGW Newsletter is available)

Anyone with a Login can

(this includes members, and non-members who register for an event online or have made a donation

  • View/pay an invoice online

FSGW website password requirements:

  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • Maximum of 50 characters
  • Any combination of letters, numbers, and characters (except NO spaces)
  • Passwords are case sensitive

Email subscriptions

Once you are logged in to the website, click on your username (in the upper right of the website's header) to edit your profile. Click the orange "Edit" button. You specify your settings for the following email notifications from your Profile:

  • Notification of when the monthly Newsletter is available

You can manage more global email settings by clicking the "Email subscriptions" link on the menu that appears when looking at your profile. There are two settings here:

  • Automatic event announcements. Receive advance announcements about upcoming events.

    Checking this will not cause a flood of emails. This would be used to let people know that an event such as Getaway or Contrastock is open for registration.

  • Mass emails from administrators, such as newsletters and other important notifications

    Checking the box allows FSGW to send you the email notifications you specified in your Profile. The other kind email that might come from FSGW is notification for last minute cancellation of an event.


Once you are logged in to the website, click on your username (in the upper right of the website's header) to edit your Profile. Click the orange "Edit" button. Scroll down to make changes to your contact information and other basic membership information. When you are finished, click the orange "Save" button.

To renew via paper, visit the Join Us page, download the paper membership form (it is in the paragraph at the bottom of the page), print it, fill it in, and mail it in along with your check (the address is on the membership form)

To renew online: Log into the website, then click on your username (in the upper right of the website's header) to edit your Profile. If your membership is due to expire soon, a Renew button will be available. Also if your membeship will expire soon, there will be a system-generated invoice available

Member Directory

Only logged-in FSGW members can see the information in the member directory. The directory is not a public part of the website.

The member directory can list your name, a profile picture if you have uploaded one, your location (city, state), email, and phone number. Your member profile itself can include address details and alternate phone numbers, if you have provided them.

Once you are logged in to the website, click on your username (in the upper right of the website's header) to edit your Profile. In the submenu on this page (a list of links that starts with "Profile"), click on the "Privacy" link and then click the orange "Edit" button. Here you can click the radio buttons to change the privacy levels for each piece of information. You can select one of three options for each field:

  • Anybody: Anyone visiting the site can see this field (though keep in mind that the Membership Directory is only visible to logged in members).
  • Members: Other FSGW members will be able to see this field when they are logged into the website and viewing the member directory or your membership profile.
  • No access: This setting hides the field so no one sees it. FSGW administrators will be able to view this data for the purposes of member management, event registration, etc.

You can also uncheck the "Show profile to others" checkbox at the top of this profile editing page to completely remove your profile from the member directory.

Once you are done making adjustments to your profile, click the orange "Save" button underneath the submenu.


Some FSGW events are free to attend while others have event entry fees associated with them. Event admission information is always available on this website on the general page for each type of event.

No, you absolutely do not need to be a member to attend FSGW events.

Yes, there are admission discounts for FSGW events that are only available to current FSGW members.

Newsletter Delivery

If you want to change from receiving a printed newsletter and instead receive it electronically (via an email sent when the newsletter becomes available on the website), please contact the Membership Database Manager.

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