Crafts at the 33rd Annual Washington Folk Festival, June 1 and 2, 2013

Art Glass Center, “Art Glass Center at Glen Echo Park”

A group of long-time students at the Glen Echo Park Art Glass Center will be displaying and selling their work, which uses a wide variety of fused glass styles, materials and techniques. They will offer jewelry, small functional glass items, and larger one-of-a-kind art works. They will be happy to explain the different materials and techniques used.

Liz Ashe, “Earth Spirits”

Liz makes imaginative terra cotta wall sculptures in the form of masks depicting nature spirits, faeries, and bird or animal spirits. Many are suitable for outdoor and garden use. Her indoor sculptures are enhanced with natural materials such as pine cones, mosses, acorns, gourds, feathers, and much more.

Melanie Barry, “Entertaining Designs”

Unique and colorful tableware, glassware, and wine accessories decorated with glass beads and silver wire. In addition to liking the appearance of Melanie’s decorated pieces, many customers find they are easier to hold than standard tableware.

Michelle Burns, “Mystic Water Soap”

Michelle creates handmade soaps and other hair and skin care products. Her soaps are made “from scratch”, using olive and other natural oils, shea butter, goat or coconut milk, herbs, essential oils, colorings, and fragrances. Many are vegan. She offers a wide variety of special-purpose soaps including shaving soap, sea salt soaps, and shampoo bars as well as other hand made hair and skin care products.


Charlotte Boynton, “Boynton Pottery”

Leigh Partington, “Playing in the Mud”  

Charlotte makes elegant highfired stoneware and porcelain with Celtic designs that swirl, twist, knot, and glide across bowls, mugs, and other useful shapes. Leigh creates both thrown and hand-built pieces that reflect her love of nature, birds, and animals in a whimsical way.  She makes ceramic ocarinas, platters, cups, bowls, and vases, and makes commissioned illustrated mugs and ocarinas.

Jean Cohen, “Polymer Creations”

Jean makes  intricately crafted jewelry and boxes from polymer clay featuring unusual color combinations, subjects, and designs.  

Carol Calhoun, “Lovenotes”

Carol creates original and charming hand-built ceramic magnets depicting animals, hearts, stars, and dozens of other subjects.  Each magnet is attached to a card with a message related to the subject and comes with an envelope.  

MaryAnn Chung, “Buttonville”

MaryAnn collects antique individual salt cellars and turns them into one-of-a-kind boxes by building lids for them.  She uses buttons and jewelry from bygone days, and findings from other countries and other artists to create her unique decorative boxes.  

Beth Dana, “Beth’s Silver Art”

Molded Silver  

“Fine silver (.999 pure silver)” molded pendants. Beth designs many of her own molds and accents her pieces with semiprecious stones, silver wire, and glass forms. She also offers earrings and pendants featuring “fine silver” wire work.

Bill Day & Rita Ferrara, “something eXtree”

Woodturning and Pyrographic Art

Bill makes lathe-turned objects, including conventional bowl forms and one-of-a-kind natural-edge pieces, making the most of the wood’s texture, irregularities, grain, and color. Rita woodburns original designs on boxes, magnets, and pendants made of wood and other natural materials. Her drawings feature textured, carved effects enhanced with layers of translucent color.

Nancy Ennis, “Silver Lace Studio”

Nancy’s unusual jewelry includes chain mail and wire work in a variety of metals, as well as intricate off-loom bead weaving.


Gloria Freund, “Freund ‘n’ Friends Photos”

From Gloria’s visits to the world beneath the waves, she creates matted and/or framed wall prints of fish, corals, and other animal life.  She also offers note cards that share the story of her encounters and a bit about the lives of the animals she meets.

Carl and Kathleen Gotzmer, “June Apple Dulcimers”

Carl Gotzmer has been building musical instruments for more than 30 years. In addition to mountain and hammered dulcimers, Carl and workers Dylan Magargie and Kent Hibben craft obscure European mountain zithers, bowed psalteries, and original design instruments such as the Cellomer. June Apple is the only maker of early American dulcimers back to 1740. They have made three mountain and two hammered dulcimers for the Smithsonian.

Christina Gurnham, “Christina Gurnham Woodworking”

Christina crafts wooden household items and gifts including shaving kits, cheese boards, wine stopper, natural-edge boxes, mirrors and ornaments.

Shawnee Holmberg

Origami Jewelry, “Kumihomo” Braiding

Shawnee folds colorful Japanese washi paper into whimsical origami pins and earrings. She also makes bracelets and art-to-wear necklaces using traditional Japanese braiding, “Kumihimo”.

Christina Keune, “Rosemaling by Christina”

Traditional 18th and 19th century Norwegian and Swedish folk art hand painted on functional wooden items and ornaments.

Lisa Logan-Roussell, “Roussell Family Arts”

Lisa and her family make unusual musical instruments such as African kalimbas  and cigar-box resonator guitar "dobros."  They also make unusual jewelry which includes natural shapes such as leaves, and incorporates scroll-sawed coins, paper "playing card" images, and other objects.

Terry Lynch, “Artistic Chip Carving"

Terry builds butternut wooden vases and boxes, then decorates them with elaborate chip carving designs.  Many of the designs are dyed in intricate color patterns.  

Carol Lundquist, “Wine Bottle Art”

Carol makes useful and decorative items from recycled wine bottles using stained, fused, and etched glass techniques. The items include lamps, cheese platters, dishes, vases, rooting vases, sun catchers, and wall hangings.

Candy Madigan, “HourGlass Creations”

Wearables in Silk  

Custom silk clothing with a whimsical touch. Each item is made from pure silk, hand-dyed. Many are trimmed with colorful appliqué to create a wide range of cloaks, skirts, dresses, scarves, purses, and more. Each piece is unique, whether in its dyed color or the choice of appliqué. Designs may be paired with handmade coordinating jewelry. Designed to fit women in a wide variety of sizes and body types.

Percy Medina

Gourds, Musical Instruments, Wall Hangings 

Percy creates striking images that are hand carved, burned, and painted on intricately decorated gourds. He also makes Peruvian and other musical instruments, and handmade quilts and wall hangings.

B. J. Opfer, “Opfer’s Wildlife Art"

Original watercolors and limited edition prints of songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, small mammals, and big game. Also pet portraits and exotic birds, parrots, and macaws.

Kathryn Ottman, “Kathryn Ottman Designs”

Polymer Clay

Kathryn’s work includes all-handcrafted designs in polymer clay:  jewelry and home décor, precious metal clay and bronze clay, earrings and pendants, and knitted scarves with matching polymer scarf pins.  

Howard Stelzer, “How-Aud’s Creations”

Metal jewelry of all types using silver, copper, and brass along with semi-precious stones.

Maria Stroffolino, “BriteCloth”

Tie Dyed Wearables

Maria creates tie dyed clothing for men and women, children and infants as well as accessories and other wearables including hats, socks, hair accessories, pet shirts, and much more.

Marianne Weitzel, “Renaissance Lavender”

Marianne, a local lavender grower, produces all-natural hand made lavender products.  She grows and sells many varieties of lavender plants.  She makes lavender body creams, soaps, bath salts, massage oil, wreaths, sachets, neck warmers, pest-deterrent dog collars, sleep pillows, condiments, candles, and much more.  

Sunisa Yorgason, “Sunisa’s Clay Flowers”

Handmade flowers of air dried clay, displayed in lifelike, graceful arrangements. Sunisa’s specialty is orchids, but she also makes many other varieties of flower including roses, irises, calla lilies, bird-of-paradise flowers and many others.