The Folklore Society of Greater Washington

Furthering the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk music and folklore of the American people.

FSGW Getaway
FSGW Mini Fest
Two all-day dance tracks, and seven workshop and performance sites, plus unscheduled hallway shenanigans.
FSGW Monthly Programs
FSGW Special Events
FSGW Washington Folk Festival

Coming Events
05 SundayFSGW Special Events Castlebay
8:00 PM at Home of Ann Bauer and Steve Woodbury (Springfield,VA)
11 SaturdayFSGW Special Events Vocal Workshop w/ Starry Mountain Singers
3:00 PM at To Be Announced (,)
11 SaturdayFSGW Monthly Programs Starry Mountain Singers w/ Orfeia
7:30 PM at Seekers Church (Washington,DC)
17 FridayFSGW Special Events No Third Friday at Emma’s concert this month
6:30 PM at Emma's Espresso and Wine Bar (Alexandria,VA)
18 SaturdayFSGW Special Events Angela Kessler: Stories from the Kalevala
8:00 PM at Seekers Church (Washington,DC)
24 FridayFSGW Special Events Queens of Everything
7:00 PM at Archie Edwards Blues Barbershop (Riverdale Park,MD)
31 FridayFSGW Special Events Jennifer Cutting’s OCEAN CD Release
8:00 PM at AMP by Strathmore (North Bethesda,MD)
08 SaturdayFSGW Special Events The BLTs w/ After the Flood
7:30 PM at Seekers Church (Washington,DC)
14 FridayFSGW Special Events Martin Grosswendt & Susanne Salem-Schatz
8:00 PM at Archie's Barbershop (Washington,DC)
15 SaturdayFSGW Special Events Workshop: Martin Grosswendt & Susanne Salem-Schatz
10:30 AM at Archie's Barbershop (Washington,DC)
15 SaturdayFSGW Special Events Paul McKenna & Finn Magill CDs Release Concert
7:30 PM at Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station (Silver Spring,MD)
16 SundayFSGW Special Events Lynn Noel
7:00 PM at Ballroom Blum (Hyattsville,MD)
21 FridayFSGW Special Events Tal Naccarato
6:30 PM at Emma's Espresso and Wine Bar (Alexandria,VA)
23 SundayFSGW Special Events Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne
7:00 PM at Electric Maid (Washington,DC)
05 FridayFSGW Special Events Sarah Murdoch w/ the Squeezers
8:00 PM at Seekers Church (Washington,DC)
06 SaturdayFSGW Monthly Programs Sofia Talvik w/ Lonely Ocean
7:30 PM at Electric Maid (Washington,DC)
12 FridayFSGW Special Events The Newlands Co-op
8:00 PM at Electric Maid (Washington,DC)
13 SaturdayFSGW Special Events Steve Cormier
7:00 PM at House concert - please contact the host (,)
19 FridayFSGW Special Events Joe & Anna Grace Uehlein
6:30 PM at Emma's Espresso and Wine Bar (Alexandria,VA)
02 FridayFSGW Special Events John Roberts w/ Janie Meneely & Rob van Sante
7:30 PM at Seekers Church (Washington,DC)

For More Information Please Contact
FSGW Concerts Chair, Mike Livingston

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