The Folklore Society of Greater Washington

Furthering the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk music and folklore of the American people.

FSGW Foodways

Foodways? Why, yes—it's one of the oldest folklores. The customs and conventions of a people as we gather to share a meal are essential to our survival and shape our culture. Our food heritage, as well as our music, dance, and story-telling heritage, is a vital part of us. These traditions differ from region to region, and season to season, and they evolve with historical periods. Join us in our newest endeavor as we work to preserve the traditional culinary arts through quarterly events.

For More Information Please Contact
FSGW Foodways Coordinator, Roxanne Watts
3576 Briar Hill Lane
Delaplane,VA 20144
Home 703-618-1799

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