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Furthering the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk music and folklore of the American people.

The 2014 edition of the FSGW Mini-Fest was an absolute delight! Thanks to the many volunteers (nearly 400 of you), and the many people who came to beautiful Takoma Park Middle School for a splendid day of song and dance and stories and more. Special thanks to the programmers -- Charlie Baum, Kim Forry, Linda Goodman, Molly Graham Hickman, and Lisa Null; to the sound engineers -- Joel Bluestein, Eric Cole, Erik Ewald, Dan Kahn, Van Mertz, Jamie Platt, Mike Rivers and Gene Rosenthal -- and especially to the wonderful Logistics volunteers, who show up at 10 am and are the last ones to leave -- Jerry Blum, Wayne Harvey, Alex Matzureff, Judy Oppenheim, Bob Rice, Fred and Janet Stolnitz, Will Strang, Cat Tucker, David Wagner, and Marty Williamson.

Lost and Found
Jacket, child's reversible (black to grey) size 10/12

Shirt, blue fleece with collar, size 14

Vest, navy blue, front elaborately machine embroidered with red flowers, no buttons

Jacket, black fleece, REI, woman's

Bandanna, red

Handkerchief, white with lavender floral pattern

Glove, brown leather, beige knit lining, right hand

Glove, black leather, grey fleece lininhg, right hand

Hat, teal knit, beret style, fuzzy yarn

Water bottle, silver metal, black plastic top with cord, "klean kanteen" brand

Guitarist's footrest -- silver metal

If any of these items are yours, please email me (April Blum) at minifestmessages(at)aol(dot)com to claim them.

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For More Information Please Contact
FSGW Midwinter Festival Coordinator, April Blum
8300 Osage Terrace
Adelphi,MD 20783
Home 301-422-0292


Volunteers are essential!!. If you can work for two hours, you get in free! Jobs include: Selling tickets, Performer check-in, Instrument security room, Hospitality room, and Information assistant/food sheriff -- and yes, you get to wear a red sequined cowboy hat and a badge for that last one. For more complete descriptions, click here. Announcements are made at the Sunday night FSGW Dance starting in January every year. Or email April Blum at minifestmessages(at) for more information.

Are you interested in selling crafts during the Midwinter Festival? Please email minifestmessages(at) and your message will be forwarded to the Crafts Coordinator.

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