The Folklore Society of Greater Washington

Furthering the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk music and folklore of the American people.

Hooray! The 2016 FSGW Mini Festwas wonderful. Thank you all for coming.

Lost and Found
One pair of black leather calf-high women's boots, well worn, resoled, size 7?
1 bodhran drumstick
1 metal capo, screw back
3 scarves -- 1 black/beige; 1 multi plaid; 1 ombre black to gray
1 black polarfleece earwarmer/headband
1 navy knit cap
2 water bottles -- 1 metal w/"Lemon" printed on it; 1 plastic "Life is Good"

For More Information Please Contact
FSGW Mini Fest Coordinator, April Blum
8300 Osage Terrace
Adelphi,MD 20783
Home 301-422-0292

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